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Hey loves, I am finally back here and it feels so good. I know I was not at all active here and it does not feel okay. I went through something weird yet tragic. I know that is no excuse or that I am justifying. But I would really appreciate if you all will show me love like you did in past and I promise that I will be consistent here. I still remember the day when I created this website and it was because I wanted to share my thoughts with you be it related to fashion or simply baking as I am so much into it and I enjoy myself doing it. 

Let us jump on to this blog post which I wanted to share with you here it is:

Here I am wearing a co-ordinate formal suit which I bought a year back. The blazer is warm and elegant. Also, the colour is super chic. I styled it with a crop top and carried accessories in rose gold colour. My makeup here is all nude and toned down as I wanted this look to stand out as it is. I paired blue velvet pump heels to give this look a little bit of edgy feel. 

That's all for this post and I will be back super soon with a new and interesting post. 

Till then, look fabulous.

Outfit details:

Co-ord set- Only

Crop top-

Watch- Armani 

Hoop Earrings- Lifestyle

Sling- Aldo

Heels- TJMAX

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Ankita is finally back!  I was waiting for your blog like anything and was also wondering if everything's okay as you weren't active at all. Sad to hear that there was an issue but I feel that you are a positive yet strong person so i'm sure you must have had handled it really well  Hope you are absolutely fine now  This post was super cool and you looked hawtt as usual  Looking forward to see yoy more because I absolutely love everything you post ❤️ Love always x