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As 2017 is about to get over I wanted to bid goodbye to the year with one last fashion post for the year. And what better than sarees! I just  can't deny how much I swoon over the saree attire. It is my favourite garment and I fell most comfortable and feminine in it. 

Many of you asked me from where I buy my saris, well I prefer wearing mamma's sarees with my own fashion quotient to it and also she has the best ones. Also, I believe in creating my own fashion by reusing the clothes already owned. Repeating them and wearing differently is so much better because I believe "less is more". You can be fashionable and inspiring with less items too, it's just that one has to be creative with styling.

According to me, if something is in good condition and looks great then you need not change it or buy new stuff in replacement but try and style it in different way. 

Also, I wanted to share something with you a fond memory with saree- "When I was kid (still a kid by heart :p), I used to drape my mother's sari casually and wear her used bindis and pretend to teach just like a teacher". This was one role-play I loved doing. 

So now I'll jus move on to the part you all are waiting for. . . Types & Styling of saree. Well, styling a sari is no rocket science and you can wear sari as per your liking. You can wear it with crop top, sweater, or normally with a blouse. Trends would come and go but sari is never going out of fashion. So rock your look in sari and feel your best. 

Sharing some of my pictures in saree which I wore earlier this year:

1. This is a pure cotton saree gifted to me and is from 

I loved the detailing and the texture. I styled this with some silver jewellery and a nose clip-on from 

2. This is a georgette saree with floral print and got it from my mum's closet. I love how subtle and elegant it is. I wore a top  instead of blouse and voila..a different look. 

3. This is also a georgette saree and is one of my favourite saree from Love everything about it. I styled it with a mesh sleeveless peach blouse which is from another saree. 

4. It is a raw silk saree which I wore for an occasion in  school. I got it from a shop in Lajpat Nagar market, delhi (long time ago) but don't remember the name. 

5. This was a success experiment and I am super happy and proud  (haha) as I designed my blouse. This saree is an oldie but goldie. And obviously it is from mum's closet. 

6. It is a silk saree and I wore it with a raw silk blouse with contrasting colour and this saree and neckpiece gave me such royal feeling I tell you. Silver jewellery I got from Chandni chowk. I have full post on it. See here.

7. This is a chanderi silk saree and I wore if for school annual function with button blouse (see on top). I completed the look with gold studs and subtle makeup.

8. I usually don't wear saree like this but wanted to try something different on myself. It is from frontier raas and I bet you get amazing stuff there. The look I opted was all good and gold. I accessorised it with gold jhumkis, gold bangles and a gold colour clutch (from stelatoes,lajpat nagar). Also, did a smokey eye for extra glam. 

P.S. I love to accessorise  my looks  with bindi and you all must be aware of by now that how much I love silver jewellery.

That's it for this post. I will be back again..with another super interesting post.

Till then, stay stylish

Much Love


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awesome clicks and really useful sarees looking best and jewellery is so awesome too..enjoyed reading the post and love the simplicity and elegance of your blog.


It’s a lovely post! Undoubtedly the chanderi silk saree steals the show and the button blouse makes it even more classy. More posts like these will make your blog even better!