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Everybody wants to be in style and look trendy. And we usually get amazed by all the fashion weeks where designers showcase their stunning outfits. I always try to keep up with fashion and as I always say, fashion comes from within and it is good to experiment and see what looks best on you. It is not important to follow all the trends, as you might not feel comfortable in that particular outfit. Thus, it is best to follow the inner fashion sense. 

Here, I have picked few fashion trends which are wearable and can be found easily. So, you don't have to stress on what to wear in the coming months.


Denim is one thing which can never go out of fashion but strangely 2017 is all about denim, be it denim on denim, denim dress, denim jacket, denim skirt or normal denim jeans. It looks cool and can be paired up with everything so easily and looks chic. The best part is, it is perfect for every body type. 

Tip: Denim is safe option, so when ever you are dicey of what to wear choose denim.

Find it here.


Stripes is also an old and evergreen trend but the amazing thing is the way it took fashion industry on a whole new level. Monochrome blue-white or black-white stripes are great but stripes got a makeover with classic prints, color blocked, graphic prints, loose shirts tucked into same stripe bottom. 

Tip: Stripes are wearable and can be paired with anything. 

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3. 80's FASHION-

The new obsession is the 80's trend, everyone is going crazy for this fashion. It gives a bold, classic and dramatic look. Be it Ruffle tops, polka dots, prints on prints, or bold sequins. I am personally not a big fan of prints or shimmer but surely loves experimenting.

Tip: If you are afraid to go all bold, just go for a ruffle top or dress or you can wear any polka dot outfit and finish your look with vintage big sunglasses.

Find it here.

4. Floral Love- 

For me, florals are everything. It gives you a fresh summery look. There are so many options one can wear floral print in dress, romper or top, it always look great. 

Tip: Florals can be paired be anything and everything, there is no particular way of wearing it. 

Find it here.

5. Bra Tops-

The bra top trend is here and was featured by various designers at New York Fashion Week 2017. It's now time we start working out. On the runways, bra tops we are paired with so many different things skirts, high waist jeans, or loose pants. I know this is not wearable but his is something new to me, wearing bra on top of your shirt (sounds great). It is a bold look, so it is obvious not everyone can go for this one. 

Tip: You can wear brallete with a cover up for this kind of look.

Find it here. 

6. Cape Sleeves-

Capes are something that is attached to body of dress close to the neckline. These are not a new trend and was liked by everyone since it was in fashion. These kind of sleeves give a lot o drama to an outfit, be it blazer, dress, top or even indian wear like kurtis.

Tips: Not to sure, simply go for cape sleeve dress, it looks chic.

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8. Peek-a-boo-

I am obsessed with this trend, it is so chic and sexy and it is upto you how you want to wear. Not only on runways, but Sheer loving is seen on various actresses too. 

Tip: If this trend is bold too, simply go for a sheer dress or can also wear a sheer top and pair it up with high waist jeans. 

Find it here.



This fashion trend is now followed by almost everyone now and I personally love this one. It is chic and stylish and adds the oomph factor to an outfit. Also, it is super wearable.  

But it here.

Tips: If you don't have this particular then you can always DIY, I I think it is the best option. You just have to take loose shirt, wear it like a off shoulder thing and this look will works best on it. 

(Images courtesy: Google)

‚ÄčThat's it for this post, and I hope this can help you.

I will back again super soon with another useful and interesting post, till the stay stylish

Much Love


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