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REVIEW TIME with Lotus Professionals

Hello my fellow readers, how are you ? I know I am not keeping a track of posting here and trust me I miss it so bad but I am such a procrastinator. If you are following me on Instagram you must be knowing that I started using these products and many of you asked for the review. Now, it's been a…

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As 2017 is about to get over I wanted to bid goodbye to the year with one last fashion post for the year. And what better than sarees! I just  can't deny how much I swoon over the saree attire. It is my favourite garment and I fell most comfortable and feminine in it. 

Many of you asked…

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Yay..I am back and trust me it feels super amazing. This blog post is completely spontaneous so I quickly wanted to share the details about this day and my dress.

I went for lunch with my family for my brother's birthday to this place called TOURIST JANPATH. It is a beautiful place with amazing …

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Hey loves, I am finally back here and it feels so good. I know I was not at all active here and it does not feel okay. I went through something weird yet tragic. I know that is no excuse or that I am justifying. But I would really appreciate if you all will show me love like you did in past and …

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My love for Silver Jewellery is unconditional and I can wear them everyday without any regrets. I love how a good piece of jewellery transforms the look. I am fond of real silver than oxidised one and it is sometimes is struggle to find good jewellery at a good price. I don't search for jeweller…

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I have been really busy and finally I am kinda free now and have time for writing my blog. I hope you guys are doing well. It's been a while I did not post anything but here I am.

Geek fashion is a term and everyone is going cray for nerd looks, so I thought I should also try a geeky look an…

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DIY old clothes

Hey people, I hope everything is great at your end. I am a little busy these days as my exams are going on, but today finally I managed to upload a blog as I completely forgot to upload this one. 

As you all know that I love using my clothes again and try and experiment with them just to c…

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Harem pants are baggy long pants but are tight at the ankles. They are  similar to dhoti or salwar (traditional outfit). It is considered as a loungewear but are loved and styled internationally.

They are great alternatives to jeans in summers and the best part is it's unisex and wearing th…

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STYLING CULOTTES (Office vs Day look)

Culottes have been in trend since a very long time now and I love how they look so chic. They are perfect for summers and can be easily worn anywhere. Here, in this post I will be be styling Culottes in two different ways: Office look and casual day look. Let us begin.


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What is makeup ? For me it is just LIPSTICK. Whenever I go to any cosmetic store or surf online for cosmetics, I only search for lipsticks and it is one thing I cannot live without because after applying, it makes you look so different and gorgeous. But there is always one thing to keep in…

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Everybody wants to be in style and look trendy. And we usually get amazed by all the fashion weeks where designers showcase their stunning outfits. I always try to keep up with fashion and as I always say, fashion comes from within and it is good to experiment and see what looks best on you. I…

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This is a highly requested post, and here it is finally. It is all about my skin care and my daily basic makeup. I have tried making it helpful and informative for you all. 

I usually don't use foundation or heavy makeup, because it requires so much of patience and time. Also, my skin feel…

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Hey beautiful people, I am so excited to share this look with you all as currently I am obsessing over stripes and Corset belts. Stripes are so much in trend right now and it is true that it is ever lasting. Stripes can make any outfit look great, be it formal wear or just casual and what is bet…

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Hey lovelies, I hope yo all are doing well. It's been so long I didn't shoot something because of scorching heat. But today, finally I made an effort to do so. As summers are officially here with 41 degrees Celsius, I go for easy breezy clothes rather than tight fit ones. This is a part of my su…

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Buy INDIAN WEAR online

This has been an old request since I started wearing suites and everybody kept asking as from where I buy my kurtas, tunics and suits. Usually, I buy material and make suit stitched from my tailor or I generally go to westside and shop kurtas. It is the easiest way to update my wardrobe with som…

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It was my sister's wedding and as everyone else, I was super excited about it specially for the outfits. I started shopping way before the wedding month as I searched a lot because I wanted to wear something that could define me and my personality. I opted for Indian outfits in every occasion …

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Hi, I am posting this blog real late but I will try to post new blog every week.

So by this time you all are aware that how much i love experimenting and I love to wear quirky yet comfortable clothes ( but I also love basics- tee and denim). Every time I go out, I try to mix and match q…

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I miss my college a lot especially during this time of the year, as this was the fest time-best time. So I thought of doing a post on college look book. As fest is just around the corner and it is always a big task to dress perfectly for the college festival, so these looks can help you with that or just you can wear them casually in college. 

Let's get started:


I wanted a boho kind of look, so I paired a t-shirt, distressed jeans with a printed cotton outerwear and to define my look, I wore Kolapuri chappals with some silver jewellery.  Also, carried a printed bag along. 

If you are an easy breezy person, then this look is for you as it is super easy, comfortable and so wearable that you would love to wear it and feel like a boho chic.

T-shirt and Outerwear: Forever21

Jeans: Gap

​Kolhapuri: Surajkund Mela

Bag: Bangkok, Thailand


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I am not fond of Valentines day but the aura this day creates, and how everyone feels loved on this very day is beautiful. Everything is secondary, but the main struggle is selecting the perfect outfit for a date, as restaurants and surprises can be planned well. 

So, I have got you …

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Winters are amazing because one can layer as many clothes as desired and still look fabulous but question is How to layer perfectly?

Well, trust me when I am going out in cold and be super lazy, I layer like crazy and always mismatch. But that is not the right way to layer. You need to fig…

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