That aimless girl

- By ankita parbhakar

About Me

Hey there,

I am Ankita Parbhakar, and I am a teacher by profession, fashion enthusiast and a home baker. I am girl who loves styling and experimenting with looks. I am a thrift shopper and with time you guys will notice.



Where do I live ?

I live in Delhi.

What dragged me here ?

Love for fashion, food and travel.

What I do for a living ?

Teacher by profession.

What is my style mantra?
I t is true that I love to experiment but at the same time I prefer to be comfortable on what I wear. 
I like casuals- jean with comfy airy blouse. 

What is the story behind my blog name ?
Well, frankly when i started my instagram page I was dicey as whether I am going to continue or not, as it was my random thought to start a blog, but I am the one who loves to wander. So yeah, then I came up with thataimlessgirl for people like me. 

Why you should follow me ?

This is not a normal blog post which you  you may like or not like to read because I know I am deliver posts which everyone can relate to. I promise I won't bore you with same stuff, every time I will post interesting and new.  

So, keep supporting with your love

Much love,